Public Works

The Department of Public Works provides maintenance services to Township roads and infrastructure, including storm sewers, and street sign installation. Other responsibilities include detention basin maintenance, mowing of Township properties, street sweeping, snow and ice control, and the annual collection of bulk, brush and leaves.

During a winter storm, access to properties and unimpeded traffic flow are vitally important to insure the safety of motorists. Prompt snow and ice control services on all municipally owned roads is therefore an essential task of the Department of Public Works personnel.

Public Works employees do not work alone to insure a quick and efficient control of snow and ice. Remember if it is snowing or expected to snow, please move all vehicles and portable basketball hoops, etc. from the roadway to allow snow and ice control services to work effectively.

Please read carefully to ensure your items are successfully collected.

Brush and Leaf Collection

Brush will be collected the first full week of each month from April through October. If your brush is not collected during the specified week, it will be picked up the following week due to emergencies or heavy collection from storm damage which prolongs the collection capabilities of our department. Please note there can be nothing mingled with the brush or it will not be collected.  If you have any questions, please call (609) 845-1100, Ext. 176.

2021 Leaf Collection Schedule

The Mount Holly Township Public Works Department’s leaf collection for residential properties will begin in October. Leaves will be collected two times in each zone – the second round of collection dates will begin after the first collection has been completed in all five zones.

Don't know what zone you're in?  Click here for a printable list.

                                 Trash Collection

Mount Holly contracts with a trash collection company; Public Works is not responsible for trash collection. If you have any questions or concerns regarding trash, please call 609-845-1192 or email

Trash Collection Schedule

Trash Collection Once a Week:  Place cans weighing less than 40 pounds at curb the evening; No earth material or car parts. See above guidelines.

No Trash Collection on Major Holidays:  New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Trash collection on the holidays (and the days following the holiday) will usually be one day later. Observed holidays will be treated as a regularly scheduled week, unless otherwise posted.  We will post any changes due to these holidays on the main page of the website under "News" and on our Mount Holly Township Facebook page. 

When any of the 6 National Holidays occur on the Day of Service, Waste Management is closed, and that service day goes to the next day.

Examples of all scenarios below:
Christmas, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving. Waste Management Trenton Closed, so if any of these days occur on:

  • Tuesday-Holiday closed… then Tuesday Service goes to Wednesday, Wednesday and Friday Service stay the Same.
  • Wednesday-Holiday closed… then Wednesday service goes to Thursday, and we still service the Friday route same day and Tuesday stays on Tuesday.
  • Friday-Holiday closed… then Friday goes to Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday stay same as normal.

    Trash Collection Guidelines

  • Appliances/Metal:  Pick up 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. Call 609-845-1192 or email by 11am the day prior to be added to the collection schedule.

  • Brush:  Brush should be placed at curb for  collection by the Township.  Refer to Brush Collection Schedule above

  • Carpets:  Must be cut into 4’ wide sections and rolled up into bundles no larger than 2’ in diameter. No more than 1 room at a time.  Carpet rolls must be tied or taped.

  • Construction Material:  Contractors are responsible for removal and disposal of construction material. Small amounts will be collected for homeowners doing their own work limited to 2 containers per week.

  • Electronics:  No electronics in trash. Electronic Drop-off is at the landfill in Florence; or check the Burlington County website for scheduled pick up dates. TVs must be taken to Goodwill or the County Landfill (609-499-1001) for recycling.

  • Grass Clippings and Leaves:  Do not put grass clippings or earth materials out for garbage collection. Public Works will collect these items. Leaves cannot be picked up with trash but must be separated for collection.

  • Large Trash Items:  One large item only each trash day (items such as a piece of wooden furniture). If anything metal, call to be put on list.

  • Mattresses:  All mattresses and box springs must be placed in mattress bags (available at hardware stores) so as not to risk bed bugs.

  • “Move-Outs”:  We do NOT pick up trash for “move-outs”. If you are moving and have a large amount of trash you will need to contract for a dumpster. Large amounts placed at the curb will NOT be picked up. Apply for a dumpster permit with the Construction Office. 

  • Wood/Fences:  Must be cut into 4’ lengths or smaller and tied and not be pressure treated. Only 3 bundles at curb per week.