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Environmental Advisory Committee


Meeting Place

37 Washington Street (MUA Building) - First Tuesday of the Month at 7:30 PM,  1st Floor


The Mount Holly Environmental Advisory Committee’s responsibilities includes:

  • Research, compile and direct studies, including environmental resource inventories, tree inventories, watershed protection studies, and conservation easement inventories;
  • Review development proposals and advise Council and/or Land Use Board to make certain all State and Local environmental concerns are addressed;
  • Inventory, plan and preserve open space;
  • Assess vacant or underutilized land for possible Brownfields applicability;
  • Assist Code Enforcement for environmental compliance issues;
  • Inform residents through educational programs, displays, publications and meetings;
  • Work to address regional and state-wide environmental problems;
  • Obtain grant funding for a variety of local hands-on projects.

Links on the right detail many of the projects that the Committee has undertaken. 


The Mount Holly EAC is composed of 4-6 member township-appointed committee

For additional information on the Committee please contact the Township Office at (609) 845-1101.  Resumes can be submitted to Sherry Marnell at