Land Use and Sustainability

Where and how development takes place is one of the single largest determinants of long-term quality of life and sustainability. Development decisions determine choices of how and where people live and move about, and have a major impact on the environmental.  Smart growth land-use principles promote more sustainable development by encouraging compact, mixed-use development, varied housing opportunities, transportation options beyond passenger cars, and low-impact design. The EAC and Township has worked on several action items under the Sustainable Jersey program to help manage development and redevelopment in a way that is more protective of the environment and more livable for residents.

Actions that have been taken include:

  • Passed a Sustainable Land Use Pledge
  • Passed a Green Building Resolution
  • Passed a Complete Streets Policy Resolution
  • Compiled a property list of sites with known or potential hazardous waste contamination that may qualify for Brownfield redevelopment

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Randi Rothmel
Mt Holly EAC, Chair