Firearms Page

**Important Note Before Beginning Application Process**

Additional paperwork other than items listed are required in order to complete the Firearms Application process that are *NOT* currently available online. Police Records will assist with the applicable documents and assign your Fingerprint ID #.


Instructions for Firearms Applicants

The fee for a Firearms Identification Card for a shotgun and/or rifle purchase is $5.00.

The fee for a Permit to Purchase a Handgun is $2.00. These fees can be paid in cash, personal checks, etc.

Step 1 - Complete the Application form as well as a Mental Health Waiver and sign them only in the presence of a Mount Holly Police Department Representative.

In Box 12 make sure you provide all information, as a letter of reference must be sent to your employer.

In Box 13, make sure you also list the name of your Supervisor.

Step 2 - Processing and approval takes a minimum of 30 days. You will be notified by phone to pick up your permits. Firearms denials will be sent by mail.

Should you have any questions in regards to firearms applications please call (609) 845-1190.

Forms and Information

Mount Holly ORI # NJ0032400 & NJS 2C:58-3 Firearm Licensing

Firearms application instructions, please click here.

Application for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit, please click here.

Consent for Mental Health Records Search, please click here.

Link to Criminal History Record Information and electronic submission.

Additional Firearms Forms, please click here.

*Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be rejected. Please look over all information carefully prior to submitting.*