Frequently Asked Questions

What type of improvements require a permit?
Interior work such as painting, paneling, tiling, replacement fixtures and/or cabinets do not require a permit. Replacing electrical wiring, plumbing, constructing or removing walls does require a permit. Permits are also required for decks, fences, and shed.

If I need a permit, who should I contact?
Contact the Construction Department at (609-845-1100). The staff will guide you through the permit process and requirements.

Why is a permit necessary?
Permits are required to ensure that all work being performed is in compliance with the proper codes, and being constructed in a safe manner.

How do I go about obtaining a permit?
First you should contact the Construction Department for a list of criteria required for each specific type of work. Once you have all of the information/paperwork required, you can complete a construction permit application. Once this process has been completed, the Construction Staff will review your permit for the proper criteria, and process for approvals.

If I need a permit for certain types of improvements, does that include my basement, or adding a pool?
Both basement work and a pool require a construction permit.

Do I need a certificate of occupancy?
A certificate of “approval” is issued on all permits/types of work once all the proper finals have been approved. A “certificate of occupancy” is issued on all new construction.

Do I need a zoning permit?
In the Township certain land uses are allowed in areas where such use is appropriate. Depending on the area and the use a zoning permit may be necessary. A zoning permit is required for a new business or a business relocating to a new location. This requirement does not apply to a home based business.

Do I need to retain an engineer or architect for my home improvements?
The code states that a homeowner may draw their own plans. It is strongly suggested that if a homeowner is unfamiliar with the codes and construction, they have an architect or engineer draw the plans.

Where do I find out about setback requirements?
Please contact the Zoning/Planning Department to learn about setback requirements.

What zone is my property in?
The Zoning/Planning Department can help you determine what zone your property is in. A representative can be reached at (609)261-7338

How can I find out about water and sewer availability?
Contact the Mount Holly Township Water & Sewer Department (609) 267-0015.

How long does the Construction Department keep my permits?
A permit is kept in the Construction Department archives for the life of the dwelling.

How do I schedule a Construction Inspection?
Please make sure that you have all necessary information available before calling. When you are ready please call our Inspection line at (609) 845-1100..