Mount Holly Township Dog License Information Page

Below you will find all the information needed to make sure your dog is properly licensed in Mount Holly, NJ.



Before March 1st

$15.00 - Spayed and neutered

$18.00 - Not spayed or neutered

Owners of more than two dogs must pay an additional fee of $100.00 for each additional dog over two.

Late Fees: Beginning March 1st and any day thereafter, please add an additional $15.00 to the fees listed above.

Please bring a current rabies certificate.  If you are applying for a new license, please also bring your spay/neuter certificate.

Important Forms:

Application for a Dog License in Mount Holly

Rabies Shot Exemption Form

Duration of Immunity FAQ sheet

State Law on Dog Registration NJAC 8-23A

Animal Cruelty Materials


If you have any questions, please call the Municipal Clerk's Office at (609) 845-1101.

Thank you.